Services for the Individual:

Income Tax

* Planning
* Preparation
* Multi-State Filing
* Electronic Filing
* Direct Deposit of Tax Refund

Estate Tax

* Estate Tax Return Preparation
* Fiduciary Tax Return Preparation
* Gift Tax Return Preparation

Financial Planning

* Portfolio Review
* Investment Analysis
* Preparation of Personal Financial Statements





Business Setup:

How do I set up my business?

* Business Plan / Goals
* Choosing an entity: sole proprietorship, S-Corp, LLC, Corporation
* Assess the need for filing organizational documents.
* Applying for appropriate identification numbers
* Selecting an accounting computer system.
* Computer Consulting: including software installation, setup, and training.

Financial Reporting: How do I manage my business’s finances and accounting?

* Bookkeeping services: including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and fixed asset management.
* Financial Statement Preparation - monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
* Business Income Tax Planning and Preparation
* Multistate apportionment tax preparation
* Personal Property Tax Return Preparation
* Sales Tax compilation and preparation
* Retirement Plan Annual Reporting

Financial Statement Analysis: How do I measure the success of my business?

* Profitability Analysis
* Ratio Analysis
* Business Performance Measurement Services (Personalized Performance Dashboards)

Business Valuation and Succession Planning: What is my business worth and how do I sell or transfer it?

* Valuing of the business
* Selling / Closing the business
* Business Transfer within the family

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